The medium sized densely packed buds arrived with a near perfect trim and a beautifully caked appearance due to the prominent coating of resin. Light green backgrounds with some small light purple patches and bright orange pistils; all whitewashed by the copious trichome coverage. A closer look shows the heads are moreso milky and clear with some odd amber. Smells were sweet, skunky with some  funky fruit smells to boot.
The taste was nearly identical with delicious sweet and skunky flavors dominating the tastes. Burn was almost perfect with a slow burn, smooth smoke, thick oil ring 1/3 through the joint and a near white ash. Had me feeling a heady stone and euphoria within minutes. This was closely followed by some dominantly Indica properties which helped me relax and mellow out the initially cerebral buzz. This could easily be an anytime of the day smoke as it really is just going to help you further enjoy whatever you may be doing.