Better then Bubba
Grade: AAA+
Price: $72/14g
Company: Tegridy Farms

Sticky,moist,tight slightly spongy medium sized dark forest and lime green buds with a golden copper bleeding throughout! Small patches of short dark orange almost red hairs. Not a crazy amount of crystal on the outside but once broken open buds are coated in trichomes that gleam and shine bright in the light. Smell is subtle but once busted sweet fruity gas fills the air. Taste is nice! Very similar to smell with the sweet candy gassy fuel but also pungent earthy and kushy sourness that developes as I smoke. Very resinous kinda smooth burn with a thick oil ring almost right after lighting joint(1g). High is great I’m feeling happy/euphoric,anxious,talkative,uplifted but balanced. Definitely feel like going for a jog or a hike with slight heavy eyes and light feet!! Nice herb overall! Not the prettiest or the strongest smelling but taste is nice and I’m really enjoying the high! I’d recommend this herb for all day smoking! Perfect day starter and afternoon smoking!!