Strain – Bell Ringer (Hindu Skunk x Stardawg x Pre-98 Bubba)

Visual/Texture – a small to medium oval shaped bud. Lighter mossy green color shading, with some dark purple undertones, and sugar leaves gripping the structure. Rusty copper thinner looking pistils popping throughout the entirety, and topped with a snowy layer of trichomes. Snapping into these crisp shielded nugs, releasing fresh terpenes, and exposing the sticky interior

Scent – there’s an immediate pungent scent emitting off this strain once given the opportunity to breath. Strong waft reeking off  consisting of an overpowering gassy diesel, containing notes of skunky herbs, and a sour citrus blend

Smoke – smoothly transitioning from the scent to the taste while puffing back the Bell Ringer. Each draw bringing in the pungent diesel gas, and sour citrus skunkiness, exhaling gives more of an earthy herbal flavoring. Slowly taking pulls you can see the resinous ring materialize, while giving off a lighter greyish ash

High – wasting no time to kick in, this hybrid being indica weighted (70/30) first settles in with its cerebral effects, leaving your head clouded, and eyes hazy. Relaxing your body and alleviating pain in the process, your levels of motivation also are significantly decreased. Providing a boost in hunger and an inevitable burnout coming on strong, making this ideal for later day or evening blazing