This was a first for me and hopefully an experience I can have an opportunity to do again because it was just great to compare the smoking experience of the flower and rosin coming from the same source. Arrived as a single circular mound with a lightly caramel coloured exterior with striations of darker and lighter streaks. As I agitated the product it had a mildly thicker exterior with a creamy consistency that started to become more wet appearing as it sat a couple seconds. As I looked a bit closer the product was wet and glossy with a mildly grainy consistency. God damn the nose! *drool* It was like the flower (which already was terpy af) but amplified to the next level with syrupy sweetness and rich limonene profile that had thinking of a cool glass of lemonade. It was fantastic.

Vapour provided uber smooth smoke with sweetness leading the pack with some clean lemon flavors to finish. There was some obvious residue left behind that you see with most flower rosin but no indication of a burnt flavor on this one. Effects had me sky high with an elevated and unfocused cerebral buzz for the first half hour making it hard to do anything. Balanced out soon after with more of a relaxing body load making me more mellow, relaxed, and euphoric. Beautiful terpene profile that only seemed to be accentuated compared to the flower; with some a level of potency that could have me on my ass after another dab. When you have a skilled grower that also knows how to press; its going to be a win.; “Fire in Fire out” applies here I suppose. The definition of single source; that I am very lucky to have local to me.