Strain – Banana Split (Tangie x Banana Sherbert)

Smell – I busted this stuff out with great anticipation of cracking into this wonderful dessert named strain. The smell right away was one to take note of, not so much that of a banana split but more of a different type of treat. Fruity terpenes of sweet tropical notes and sour citrus mixed with hints of cherry, and a sweet creaminess

Smoke – long, smooth smoking stuff all the way through a consistent burning joint. Lighter grey colored ash, with a small oil ring flowing nicely behind the cherry. Taking in the inhale, you really taste the sweet citrus, and a tropical creamy flavor. Exhaling has a earthy lemon with a distinct earthiness with subtle cherry notes

High – this is a tasty daytime option that leaves little to no disappointment. The effects of this strain come on shortly post blaze, with an uplifted feeling,  slightly sativa leaning hybrid (60/40) leaving you capable of continuing on your day while feeling fantastic doing whatever is ahead of you without any major hindrance in your gameplans

Quality: big chunky dense nuggets, cleanly trimmed, and compact into tight structures. Darker olive green shaded, these beautiful buds being infested by bright, light fire orange pistils wrapping throughout, and a thick layer of amber trichomes. Banana Split features tasty terps, whilst still being fully functional