Strain Name: Banana Runtz

Strain Genetics: Banana OG x Runtz

Strain Type: Hybrid

Source: Prince’s Private Reserve

Cultivated by: @rainzforest

○ Visual ○

[ Beautiful, Clean, Fresh, Bright, Luminous, Captivating, Resinous ]

The Banana Runtz is absolutely stunning at first sight.

These hulking, perfectly trimmed, trichome coated, light green nugs exhibiting flawless golden orange pistils will have any human, or beast in absolute awe instantly as they gaze upon them. The resinous trichomes, the impeccably positioned leaves, along with the subtle colors of the buds themselves come together in perfect harmony for us to feast our eyes on. The Banana Runtz is truly a remarkable eye catcher to say the least.

○ Scent ○

[ Sweet, Fruit, Dank, Gas, Pine ]

The Banana Runtz has to have one of, if not the most pleasing of scents, the aromatics are therapeutics at this point somebody call the doctors. These buds produce a pronounced sweet & fruity aroma accompanied by bold overtones of gas & dankness, with subtle undertones of fresh pine odors. The Banana Runtz exudes a heavenly fragrance so potent it has left me breathless from trying to smell it so much. It nearly took me on a trip to heaven!

Texture: Meaty, Dense, Full, Voluminous, Semi sticky/moist.

Grind: Not overly sticky breaks up to perfection,
mid fluffy consistency grinded, semi sticky/moist.

Roll: Practically rolls itself.

Flavors: Sweet, Fruity, Pine, Dank, Gas very pronounced flavors.

Burn: Resinous, Decelerating, Slow, Even burn, growing cherry may need loosening near mid end of session. Moderate tokes kept it good I didnt roll it tight judging from the consistency of the ground up bud.

Smoke: Creamy, Smoove, Thick, Clean, Heavy, Rich, Full bodied.

Ash: Clean, White, Sturdy.

Effect: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Heavy hitter,  Powerful rapid onset felt halfway through the smoke. Potential for couch lock if not active.

Personal Score: 10/10

That’s that yoga 🔥 no doubt about it!
Burn is slow, ash & smoke is clean & smooth, and it hits hard.
This is without a doubt in my top 3 fav smokes, I love this smoke.