Banana Runtz From Karplusan Forest

Cultivator – Rainzforest

Visual: They were medium sized buds and an army green colour. I could see lots of compact sparkly crystal and the orange hairs blended right into the buds. It was very dense.

Nose: The nose was sweet and sour with a bit of banana peel. When I opened it up I got some gas and diesel as well. It was very pungent.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to grind and easy to cut. It had a good feel to it. It was a bit sticky and the moisture level was good.

Taste: The taste was very pungent as well. I got some pine and some gas and a bit of a tropical woodiness.

Burn: The burn was good. The ash was a tiny bit salt and peppery at first but it cleared up.

Potency/Effects: This Banana Runtz wasn’t that punchy but the effects built up well and the potency was great. I got some good overall effects with a heavy body stone like an Indica and a light and uplifting effect in my head, more like a Sativa. It eventually got a bit heavier in my head. I really enjoyed this one!

Overall score – 9.3/10