This flower has an insane visual appeal due to its ridiculous white coating of long trichome stalks and well developed heads. They’re almost all completely intact, it almost looks like this stuff has never been touched at all. The nugs are a bit airy and the trim is a bit off but when the leaves are this caked I don’t know if you should even trim them lol. The aroma in the jar has a distinct sweet and sour candy aroma but it is slightly muted and doesn’t slap you in the face. However, once busted up this transforms into an unreal, complex, and mouth watering profile. It’s a sweet and fruity candy nose that reminds me of blue Gatorade powder but much more creamy. This stuff keeps me coming back with each and every whiff. On a dry puff this translates absolutely flawlessly into a full fledged mouth filling fruit-candy flavour. On smoke it retains a delicious creamy fruity candy profile but to a lesser degree than the dry puff and with an added herbal undertone. The smoke is very clean with a perfect burn and mostly white ash. There is a bit of harshness in the throat on inhale but it’s still pretty enjoyable. The high is very buzzy and stimulating with an intense hazey effect. I could definitely see this flower inducing anxiety in anyone who is prone to that so I would say be careful lol. As it settles in there’s more and more of a body load that starts very strongly in the head/forehead and works down through the neck and shoulders. This is a very tastey smoke that is perfect for a day time adventure or any activity that don’t require much cerebral sharpness. Overall very pleased with this gear and can’t wait to see what comes next. 🥵👌