Strain – Banana Puff (Banana Og x Joseph Og)

Smell – this strain has a really nice fruity banana smell that also carries a skunkiness. Really great smelling stuff, I’ve tried 3 different banana strains and this one is the closest to a banana smell that I have ever experienced

Smoke – really good translation of taste while puffing this strain. Smooth smoking stuff with the inhale consisting of bananas with hints of orange flavor and a similar flavored exhale with some spicy notes. Ash was more on the white side with a nice oil ring

High – 50/50 hybrid with a even balance on both sides, leaving you split between getting shit done or just kicking back. Great for lighting up at any time, wake and bake included

Quality: Some very nice light lime green colored bud, bright orange pistils, and absolutely caked in trichomes. Nugs were squishy and fluffy at the same time. The terpenes were excellent on this stuff, fantastic strain all around