Banana Kush from The Green Ace 

Visual: The colour was a light army green, there was quite a bit of rusty hairs in patches, more so near the tips. It was a tiny bit leafy but there was lots of nice crystal. It was very dense. 

Nose: The nose was mainly earthy with a bit of sweetness. It had a bit of that banana peel nose and a bit of woodiness. 

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to bust up. It pulled it apart in the grinder rather than grinding it up into little bits. It was also easy to cut. 

Taste: It was mainly that sweet earthiness with a tiny bit of that banana peel flavour.    

Burn: It burnt great. It was nice and slow and steady and the ash was very light. 

Potency/Effects: It was a bit punchy to start off with and the potency built up at a medium pace. The effects started in my head and then worked it’s way down my body. I wasn’t ripped but I was very relaxed and it made me a bit sleepy. This would be good for late night. 

Overall score – 9.0/10