Strain – Banana Cake (Banana Kush x Cheese Cake)

Visual/Texture – airy elongated skinny bud of medium stature, bringing a slight bit of sponginess when squeezed. Fresh shelled exterior, with a lightly crisp texture, fresher sticky interior being housed within the structure. Cleanly trimmed, sharing its real estate between lighter minty to a medium emerald green coloring, with sharp lavender highlights bleeding through. Lengthy rusted copper pistils wrapped around, and emerging from the nug, while being caked up in a thick layer of snow white trichomes

Scent – busting this stuff out, receiving a pleasant blast of terpenes. A powerful volume of aromas being driven from this strain, this is truly a pairing that produces some mouth watering results. First being hit by an exotic, sweet tropical fruity fragrance, tied together with undertones of sweet creaminess, with a very mild earth smell

Smoke – smooth to inhale, with a consistent burn that tastes not far off from the nose. Taking in hauls of sweet tropical fruitiness, a sweet creamy taste, and a bit of earthiness coming through with each inhale. The exhale then turning over to more of an earthiness, with a sweet fruit flavoring contuining to linger on the palate. Giving off a light grey ash, with few pepper flakes intact, and showing a ring of resin after a few hits

High – Banana Cake a hybrid (70/30) dividing itself with higher indica results. Subtly working its way through you, quickly finding yourself receiving an energetic boost, also bringing on an entire mood enhancing high, which completely shadows any negative thoughts. As the stone wears on, so do its effects which shift directions while spreading over your body,  easing yourself into a calming state. The ability to be social able is significantly heightened through the entire duration of the high. A perfect daytime option that is also full of tasty terps, delivering little to zero disappointment, continuing to bang out your day without any major hiccups occuring