This one hit me right in the childhood. After seeing the appearance of these candies, I immediately had so much nostalgia as this was my second favourite candy to munch down on outside of those marshmallow strawberries. So, you can understand my excitement when I opened the bag to reveal that the candies had an identical smell, appearance and consistency to the real deal. Those artificial appearing green and yellows, delicious banana flavor, pillow softness, and the finely sugared exterior. Honestly its crazy how alike these were to the real thing; has me thinking I should plan a get together with friends and play of game of “medicated or not”.

Anyway, the package consisted of 5 20mg candies and I ended up eating 2 again; as I needed to be somewhat productive and social at the time. I did find the candies had a mild aftertaste, but I may not have noticed it if I wasn’t aware it was medicated.  I found the dosage was correct as I experienced a nice relaxing body high that wasn’t too overwhelming. Made it easy to work away outside around the house, while helping me enjoy a nice day more fully. If you were a candy fiend like me as a kid, this one would be for you! Tasty, accurately dosed and left with a hefty portion of nostalgia.