Lot #1704 has got to be one of the most impressive offerings from Astro Pink. Upon opening the bag, you are met with medium to larged sized nugs that are dripping in full-headed trichs. Good cure out of the bag and well manicured buds. Super dense and sticky, the 14g looks a lot smaller than you’d think.

Nose is pure gas. Intense diesel notes, a bit of grassy/herbal followed by sweet, creamy and earthy notes. Really pleasant, like a petrol cookie.

Smokes very smoothly to pure white ash. Fairly strong gas terps on the inhale with some creamy and sweet profiles. Earthy, bitter herbal, skunky petrol on the exhale. Definitely caters to the gas fiends.

Effects are incredibly potent – if the price is justified by any aspect of the product, it is the high potency. Cerebral blast off effects hit you immediately after the exhale. The soaring cerebral buzz settles to a more euphoric, clear-headed and sedative state. Your body is left feeling twice as heavy whilst couch lock creeps up.

I’ve revisited this lot several times now and it always blasts through my potency reliably. Definitely hard to justify at the tag, though this lot in particular does deliver in all aspects of quality.