Strain – Arnold Palmer (Red Wood x Lemon Skunk)

Smell – this very uniquely named strain left me curious overall of what it was all about. The nose consisted of several different blended smells of a herbal lemon mixed with sour wood skunkiness. A really yet good unique infusion of a variety of smells all hitting your nostrils at once

Smoke – inhale was citrus sour lemon with the exhale being a flavorful herbal pine. Tiny oil ring with the ash being a very light grey almost leaning white and it was smooth to smoke all the way through

High – a great sativa dominant 80/20 choice, top shelf sativa that I would say checks alot of the boxes. A perfect option to fire your day off, and equally a great daytime option. This strain leaves you energetic and capable of banging out tasks no issue, and I fealt little to no burnout at all

Quality:Forest green majority colored, with lots of purple popping from it every direction, nice looking amber hairs twanging off, and looking like it has been showered in trichomes. The buds were decenlty chunky but a little dry and crunchy to the squeeze. Both the looks and the unique smell make this strain great for the stash and awesome to check off the list