MOM: BC Medichronic

Registration: Site account, No ID
Customer Service: Responsive within a day by email, Reddit, Instagram, and even more so on discord.

Strain: Animal Cookies
Genetics: GSC x Fire OG

Incentive for Review: Paid shipping for samples.

Packaging: Zip in a box that was vac sealed.

Bag Appeal:
Very creamy nose upon opening the bag, revealed a gas and cookies scent after breaking it up.
Sticky and coated, good bud structure.

Gas and classic GSC flavours combined.
Hardly any harshness, flavours come through nicely.

50/50 hybrid, solid potency that lasts a couple hours.
Could definitely be a different story if I smoked a kingsize as opposed to single-wide.

Beautiful bud that does well in most categories.
With a good flush this bud would really shine, although I still enjoyed as is.
Nice split hybrid for doing whatever around the house, probably couldn’t go out though.