The color ranged from pale greens to deep forest greens, highlighted by faded orange pistils. The entire exterior was accented by white trichomes which made the bud appear very light. The buds were medium density with a great bouncy and sticky feel. The bud broke apart beautifully in a grinder with a significant amount of kief; leaving beautiful golden hued piles surround the actual flower. It was initially hard to decipher, but citrus aromas were the star of the smell with peppery  notes to follow.

The smoke was smooth and burned evenly throughout a joint, ending with a fluffy white ash. However, this smoke was potent, and I almost felt as if my lungs were being pulled out on exhale. The taste was mostly lime, with more subtle spicy and earthy flavors. After smoking it was difficult to concentrate with a strong cerebral high felt behind the eyes. An hour later a heavy body high helped me feel mellow and relaxed.