Strain: Angel Spit rated as AAAA /Hybrid

First time trying this strain a nice treat and cross between GSC and GDP.

Bag appeal : Dense… super dense and insanely frosted nugs, decently sticky came in with integras. Beautiful structure,  elongated and slim with smallish caked boulders emerging from the main stem. Finishing on a stack of calyxes giving the tip of the bigger nug that foxtailish look. Bright green with deep hints of dark purple under a heavy blanket of trichomes giving it an almost white look on the outside. Flashy red pistils with a perfect trim makes for beautiful little trees.

Smelled some light hints of licorice pine and undertones of earth/gas at first. Really more pungent once you bust it open or grind it, the sweet/licorice side reveals itselfs a bit more, leaves a thick resin ring on joints. Taste is mostly  loud gassy /earthy.  Smoke was even heavier then the blissful wizard i dont know if the GSC cut in them, but the smoke is heavy it smacks you in the face and pungent but rather smooth for something that potent. It burned to a white fluffy ash, every bowls/ joint and left a good resin ring on joint.

Potency was great and strong on this, instant intense high from a bong hit, this thing hits me like a dab. Mostly heady with an intense euphoric uplifting feeling at first leading into heavy relaxation and start of  sedation without too much couch lock. A real treat.