The Ancient OG cartridge by Kind Selections tastes like fresh flowers in the inhale, but changes to a sweet citrus fruitiness on the exhale, similar to fruit loops cereal (but not a sickly sweet taste). The vapor is incredibly smooth with an ever so soft touch of spice in the aftertaste.

Ancient OG is a far Indica dominant strain as was the experience after consuming this cart. Initially, the mind feels creative and focused, but those warm Indica sensations eventually creep over the body providing sensations of relaxation and comfort.

I can take long hits off this cart and it is never harsh. The potency is average and I reach for this cart more for the taste than for the experience. I did not have any performance issues with this cart vaping it between 2.3-2.6 volts.  There was some mild sugaring, but it did not get worse with time.