Strain – Alien OG (Tahoe OG x Alien Kush)

Texture/Visual – this is some if the cleanest looking shatter that I’ve experienced, a smooth texture surface, casting a golden honey, transparent coloring. Decent thickness, easily snapped off to selected amount. No problem to break off slivers to dab, or to warm/mold with your fingers for making a snake in the grass

Smoke – much like its flowered counterpart you get strong piney, lemon terpenes with each intake of the shatter. Maintaining smaller dabs made for some incredibly smooth hits. Giving off clean, smooth inhales, and added into a joint making a longer, even burn that was just drenched in its own resinous gold

High – I always stick to the evening time for hitting concentrates a high that doesn’t hesitate to take hold, with its initial effects coming on quick and strong. Sending you into an uplifted mood no matter where you were prior, with elevated levels of euphoria. Eventually overtaking your body with a full on relaxation sensation moving through it, and a sedative finish which will assist in a heavy crash at the end of the night