Strain – Afghani Skunk (Skunk x Afghani)

Visual/Texture – smaller to medium sized, rounded bud, with a nice blend of coloring throughout. Crispy exterior, when snapped apart to expose the equally crispy yet resinous interior. Light minty green shading, with emerald, and eye grabbing purple undertones. Darker orange pistils thinly drawing outward, and blanketed over by a healthy layer of icy trichomes

Scent – having a bold smell coming off of it right away reminiscent of a classic skunky scent. The aroma is very pungent yet also has a sweetness to it in the same whiff carrying some loud terpenes of sweet skunkiness, with musky pine, and a more softer but present woodiness

Smoke – with a near perfect carry over to taste while smoking, producing a light grey ash peppering included, and a greasy resin trail developing right off the hop. Inhaling bringing forth the sweet skunky, with deep pine flavoring, and the exhale taking on a musky cedar taste

High – taking on the majority of an indica role (85/15) this hybrid still has enough Sativa to allow you to keep your focus intact after blazing. Your mood along with euphoria both receiving an uplifting elevation, while your body takes the opposite direction and a relaxation washes over it. Better to spin this stuff later day or evening, keeping with a clear head intact, motivation requiring a bit of enticement post blaze