Afghani Kush-  This strain roused the nose with a gentle earthy kush when the bag was opened.  The buds inside had a nice fluffy conical structure with a heavy frosting of trichomes from stem to apex.  Under this healthy coating there were multiple shades of green present that were accented by numerous orange hairs sprouting hap-hazardly from the bud.  Upon busing up this but the kush smell intensified with the addition of a spiciness that wasn’t present in bud form.  This flower smoked smoothly with very little harshness on the throat.  The ash left behind was a healthy helping of salt with a shake of pepper. On exhale the plume of white smoke was very relaxing and tasted of pepper and kush.  The high from this bud was a mild lifted feeling in my chest that continued to creep on me turning me into a couch creature within 30 minutes.