Strain – Afghani Bullrider

Visual/Texture – as if the name alone doesn’t strike enough intrigue, this was a strain I was looking to get into my possession as soon as I heard the name. Crisp shelled exterior, giving up some sponginess, hiding it’s true potential within the buds, with cracking each nug open, your fingers quickly become gummed up from the sticky interior. Rounded buds on the smaller to medium sized stature, sharing the shading between emerald green, and a deep dark purple, the sugar leaves also pairing up identical in colors. Thin lengthy orangey brown pistils twanging outward, and smothered by a cloak of iced out trichomes

Scent – having a decent volume of smell initially, the terpenes are unleashed entirely once busting these round nugs up. Carrying such a heavy scent of a skunky nuttiness up front, while featuring notes of distinct sweet and sour herbs

Smoke – the taste taking another direction yet again, bringing out flavors that are deeply hidden within this exotic strain. Each inhale almost seemingly bringing forward different profiles of such a wide range of variety. Sometimes you’re hit with a fruity herbal pairing, other hoots bringing in a sweet honey taste, and even hauling in the occasional almost a sour pine. Each puff leaving you guessing, where as the exhale keeping consist with mostly a musky earthiness with a sweet nutty, and honey faintly tagging along side

High – sitting with nothing but indica (100) flowing through this strain, you quickly realize this by the outcome before you’re done roasting a full joint. A cerebral high, leaving your head hazey and easing you into an uplifted mood, all while allowing your body to throw itself into the idle position. A good strain for later daytime or evening blazing that will leave you nice and cooked