Really nice herb at first sight!!!
Sticky,dank,tight, spongy deep dark purple on most of the outside and bright lime green on the inside with purple bleeding out, covered in patches of long dark orange reddish hairs and caked in crystals and huge diamond like trichomes that glisten when light hits the bud. Smell is very unique! Very pungent sweet and spicy pine gas with some fruitiness in the background! Taste is really nice! Strong refreshing diesel gas(minty) with some fruity sweetness. This herb is potent! Burn and very resinous with a small oil ring midway through joint(1g) slightly harsh but I think that is because it so potent🤷🏾‍♂️ with an almost white ash. High is full body relaxation and total euphoria. I’m feeling very sedated,alert and really good! Heavy eyed/headed and sunk deep into my couch and don’t see myself moving for a while! Excellent herb over! Very photogenic,tasted nice and got me very relaxed(haf) I’d recommend this herb for night-time or easily using as a sleep aid!