Strain – 94 High Octane (Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush)

Smell – given the name 94 high octane was completely accurate to this old school scented fuel. Wielding some pungent gaseous fumes being contained within the mylar ready to be released upon the general area. A dank diesel skunkiness reeking off this strain, having slight hints of citrus lingering in the background being masked by the gas aroma

Smoke – having such a stong nose on it, it carries over to the taste quite flawlessly. Taking an inhale you’re taking in pure diesel gas, and a sweet skunky lemon flavoring, then transitioning over to an earthy, herbal with citrus notes coming through and taking post on your taste buds briefly after each exhale. Light greyish ash with some salt & peppering, and a sweaty oil stain greasing up the joint

High – this is a pure indica with no sativa involved, making this a strain best consumed during the evening time. It will pull your levels of motivation down to a minimum post blazing. This high octane has a heavy impact, first attaching some invisible weights to your  eyes, and can be a crutch for sleep assistance because you will be met up with a burn out that doesn’t go unnoticed

Quality: spade formation bud on the smaller to medium size, medium emerald green with some forest green undetones, and some sharp purple undertones. There’s plenty of shorter thin copper colored pistils, and sporting a  healthy layer of frosty trichomes. This strain is heavy on the gas, and it will make you pump the breaks once feeling its effects