Had the pleasure of trying out the 9lbs hammer in flower form back in February of this year. So was waiting in anticipation to see how the Live Resin cart would stack up. If you want to stop reading here, in summary it was fantastic. Clear amber sauce with no sugaringeasy pulls producing large plumes of soft clouds as I vaped the cart at a low temp (2.4v). The taste was overwhelmingly pleasant with delicate floral and fruit notes followed by light refreshing pine flavors on exhale. I’m no cart connoisseur by any means but compared to all the cartridges I’ve tried up until this point, this was on another level.

The buzz was also no slouch, as I kept trying to decipher the flavor I think I likely took 4-5 large tokes and felt Indica vibes through and through. Found myself slowly sinking into a deep relaxed state that had me feeling good about sitting and staring at a wall for a bit. (no joke).  Really just helped me to calm down after a long day at work and slow my mind be ok with doing nothing. This was all without any significant sedative effects, it was just a extremely relaxing and comforting sensation. After trying one of these carts I will absolutely be looking for more in the future.