The visual appeal on this live rosin is absolutely stunning with a clay-like cold cure texture and a gorgeous light gold colour palette. The texture is ideal for cold starts, it breaks apart from itself extremely easily but still sticks to the dab tool with zero issues. This texture is a literal dream to work with. The nose on this stuff is also very impressive with a complex and interesting combination of strong earthy/herbal and diesel terps accented by a sweet, spicy, nutty, and almost floral overtone. It kinda reminds me of earl grey tea with added sweet and kushy/gassy notes. This translates into a sharp and clean flavour which I find super refreshing although it feels quite different from the nose. At low temps it becomes much more piney than herbal and sour rather than sweet with a nice gassy skunk accent. Behind this intense sour pine you don’t really notice the other flavours. There’s no spice at all and very little nutty flavour. This all holds true for higher temps as well but you’ll also get an earthy blanket which makes the other flavours hard to notice and takes away from the overall experience, and a more spicy exhale. The burn is clean with very little residue left in the banger and the smoke is extremely smooth. Even with big high temp dabs you don’t get much of a cough. The high on this product is definitely the best part. It’s an unbelievably relaxing effect that eases everything away from physical pain and tension to anxiety, stress, and general mental unease. Even though it definitely relaxes the muscles, I don’t notice much of a body load at all. I’d say it’s more of a lubricated body effect than a heavy couch lock. This is one of my all time favorite dabs for unwinding in the evening. While the terp profile isn’t something I would personally chase, the high is unmatched in terms of melting away mental and physical tension. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a particularly relaxing effect. Truly some great product💯⛽️