Strain – Milky Way

Vistual/Texture – one bulky round/oval shaped bud, a light crispness to the exterior, giving up some sponginess when squeezed together. Fresh, and sticky once cracking open, with a resin lined interior. The entire structure shaded by a bright minty green, with medium emerald undertones, and massively populated by copper pistils. There’s quite the healthy layer of glistening snow white trichomes caked throughout the structure

Scent – the terpenes coming off this strain, equally as exotic as they are sweet but hard to pinpoint an exact smell with the array of scents coming off. Definitely a sweetened fragrance of berries, with accents of nutty, creamy, and pungent earthiness

Smoke – just as exotic when smoked on, taking in profiles of the sweetened flavored inhale. Which has a creamy, nutty, earthy, and hints of berries all surfacing with each hoot. On the exhale the taste becomes more of a spicy earthiness, with a sweet taste continuing to linger. Light grey ash with an even amount of peppering, and tossing up an oil ring after a handful of puffs

High – Milky Way is a mysterious hybrid (80/20)   majority featuring  indica. Elevating your mind, and enhancing your creative senses. Sending you into a blissful mood, and eventually delivering a full on relaxing feeling over your entire body. Having a full on attack of the munchies that will also end up hitting you. Definitely a high that can be enjoyed later day, or into the the evening