Brand –  Hush Gummies – Variety Pack

Visual/Texture – with a quick glance, it would appear there’s only three different colors, until further inspection reveals the minor difference between hues. Soft chewable little cubes, virtually the same size, and shaped formations. When opening the pack, you are blasted by a fruit punch blend, a scented combination comprised of all the smells wrapped into ince magnificent aroma

Flavor – deliciously flavored blocks, soft, and sticky with the five different flavored varieties. Bright Orange – Mango, Maroon – Raspberry, deep Purple – Grape, lighter Green – Lime, and the slightly darker tinged Green – Apple. Tasting great while chewing, and no unwanted flavoring surfacing anytime beyond consumption

Potency – each cube is packing a 10mg tag with it, and the bag comes with an even 200mgs inside. I split the entire bag with the wife for a nice 100mg flight. Taking on heavy eyes, and a solid body stone that sent pure relaxation over it. Motivation completely ceasing on the spot, with a blissful mood altering, and strong headed euphoria all kicking in. An enjoyable dosage to close off the night with some eventual sleep assistance taking place