Strain – Hammerhead OG (White Rhino x Medicine Man)

Mom – Tegridy Farms

Smell – this strain brings a really sweet fruity nose with almost a hint of honey behind it. Quite danky and really great smelling stuff that had it’s own unique aroma that only has a slight comparison to the sweetness of one its parents – white rhino

Smoke – the taste is quite smooth on both the inhale and exhale, more of a nice subtle sweet earthy taste on the inhale and comes out in with a clean exhale with a slight hint of spiciness. Salt and pepper ash with a small oil ring brought to the party, with a slow clean burn throughout the entire burn

High – this strain is perfect to start your day off wake n bakin or for daytime use. Really easy to stay focused, to accomplish tasks, and fealt alot more productive 100%

Quality:  I was extra interested in this strain due to the fact it is known to sport some CBD in it also, which I actually found a slight amount of pain relief from. Buds are of a really light green hue, with tons of glistening trichomes shining off of every direction of the nugs. Decently compact yet still squishy and very sticky stuff. This strain surprised me and I was expecting it to be more potent but I really enjoyed the effects of it and would definitely be looking to grip some more