Strain – God Bud (Hawaii x Purple Skunk)

Vistual/Texture – medium sized, spade shaped bud, quite the give once squeezed with its spongy texture. Sharing its freshness with equal crisp outer layer density, holding its sticky resinous layer within. Olive coloring through most of the structure, with slight hues of forest green, and deep dark purple almost black undertones peeking through. Tiny rusty copper colored pistils dabbled throughout, and a layer of snow white trichomes caked over top

Scent – flowing with aromatic terpenes that quickly begin overtaking the surrounding area as soon the bud is presented. Fueled up by a pungent skunky pine, with a sweet herbal, tropical scent

Smoke – the flavor while smoking coming out quite similar in profiles, with a fairly smooth, consistent burn. It produces an ash that’s lighter grey, and has peppered specks throughout it. Tasting of musky pine, sweet tropical, skunky, earthy herbs as you take in each inhale. Exhaling flavored of sweet earthiness, with a lingering tropical taste remaining existent

High – God Bud being a hybrid (50/50) playing no favorites, split down the middle. Immediatly you receive an uplifting sense of euphoria, which completely elevates your mood, and delivering an initial inrush of motivation. The stone slowly washing it’s way down your body, moving a solid relaxation through it, putting you completely at ease. With the evenly distributed effects, this is a great strain for blazing during the day