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Master Tuna – LowPriceBud

Chunky, dense bud with dark hues of purple, nice trichome coverage throughout. Little gas smell, with a earthy / funky sweetness. Smokes really smooth, and burns nice and slow in a joint.  Salt & pepper ash, gassy smoke, with a skunky, earthiness on exhale. Strong indica dominant effects, full body high, couch lock strain for […]

Sugar Cookies – LowPriceBud

Medium dense bud, that was a bit dry, but frosted in creamy trichomes. Mainly floral on the nose, with a herbal note, when ground up, you get a mild sweetness as well. Smooth smoke, slight nuttiness flavor with earth on exhale, burn is pretty good, with grey ash. Nice burst of energy straight to the […]

Pre-98 Bubba – LowPriceBud

Nice dense nugs, with a neat trim, coated in frosty white trichomes. Earthy, pine nose, with a hint of gas. The burn is good, with a salt & pepper ash, and a thick gassy smoke, that hits the throat on exhale, and can send you into a coughing fit. A mellow full body indica high, […]

Gangster OG – LowPriceBud

Beautiful purple bud, with hues of green throughout. Nice bright pistils, and full-headed trichomes. Nose I get is earthy-pepper, with a slight herbal note. Smoke was a little bit harsh, pungent, earthy-pepper flavor, with a muted citrus exhale. Light grey ash, this sativa dominant high hits you lightning quick, with a immediate sense of get […]

Zombie Kush – BCMediChronic

Nice sticky, caked, dense bud, with purple, and green, structure, and orange pistils throughout. Nice terps, really deep earthy, with a hint of sweet upon being ground up. Rolled up in a joint, nice and slow burning, pretty much pure white ash, musky dank flavor. Really nice hybrid effects on this one, but felt more […]

Nuken Creamsicle – BCMediChronic

Nice bright green in color buds, amber colored trichome stalks throughout, with . A clean burn, with  grey ash, a  smooth, and earthy smoke flavor with vague sweet citrus on exhale. Nice indica dominant effects, with a clear mind, without the couch lock. Potency felt a bit lacking, although a still very nice high. Good […]

Strawberry Cream – BCMediChronic

Nicely manicured bud, dark orange pistils, tons of bulbous trichome stalks throughout. Insane berry nose on this, with a little pine. Excellent burn with, light grey, to white ash, and a flavorful creamy, berry smoke. One of the best smelling strains I’ve had in awhile. Very nice and clear sativa high, while very relaxed in […]

Agent Orange – BCMediChronic

Good looking sativa bud, covered in vibrant orange pistils, a slight orange citrus aroma that lingers when ground up. Smooth smoke, with grey ash. Not really any orange flavor on the strain, more like a vague lemon, sweet, with a little pepper in there too. It’s a fast hitter, immediate intense sativa high. Short lived, […]

Candy Tuna – BCMediChronic

Medium sized buds with some small ones in there too, they are a little leafy, but also very sticky. Packed in trichomes throughout, with little bits of purple, and amber pistils. A very pungent, and heavy earth scent. Salt & pepper ash, with a deep earthy flavor, with a slight muskiness that lingers. The high […]

Chocolate Kush – BCMediChronic

Small to medium sized buds that are dark green, with hues of brown throughout. Completely coated in trichomes. The aroma on this strain is strong chocolate, with a sweet, earthy undertone, that is very different. Smooth smoke that burns salt & pepper, with a sweet, almost nutty, earth flavor. The high is very clean, euphoric, […]

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