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Lindsay OG – Low Price Bud

Lindsay OG grown by Gas Leak and sourced by Low Price Bud. Fairly caked buds accompanied by notes of fuel with hints of sweetness. Ash is an acceptable salt and pepper with a consistent burn. Potency is also acceptable but the strain can come out better.  Great smoke for when it’s time to settle down […]

Island Skunk – Sauce House

Sourced from Sauce House. Gorgeously caked, dense buds and subtle purple hues. Smells of fuel and fennel. Burns evenly with salt and pepper ash with a smooth draw when rolled. Nice potency on this one. Great for use throughout the day.

Romulan – Sauce House

Sourced and grown by Sauce House. Beautiful buds with medium density. The flavour/smell of this is straight sour berry candy. Rolled in a joint the Romulan burns salt and pepper and maintains that sour berry flavour until you put it out. Potent stuff with a racey and immediate high. Fantastic smoke when you wanna get […]

Gelato – The Prince’s Private Reserve

Grown by @rainzforest and sourced by The Prince’s Private Reserve. Quite large dense and frosty nugs each consistently in excess of 1-2 grams. The classic Gelato aroma permeates the room upon opening the bag. Rolled in a joint the Gelato smokes with a salt and pepper ash erring on the saltier side. The smoke is […]

Zombie Kush – BC Medi Chronic

Sourced from Enigma Extracts by BC Medi Chronic. Beautiful caked buds with hues of purple, green and orange throughout. The nose has an earthy musky vibe almost reminding me of a slightly less funky Meat Breath. Smoked in a joint the ash was very clean (near white). The smoke was very smooth with a light […]

Melon Gum – BC Medi Chronic

Sourced from Enigma Extracts by BC Medi Chronic. Upon opening the bag I was met with large crystal laden buds of medium density. The Melon Gum gave off a subtle deliciously fruity aroma vaguely reminiscent of it’s namesake. Smoked in a joint the Melon Gum provided a very smooth smoke and a borderline white ash. […]

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