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Zombie OG – The Leaf Express

The compact buds of this strain are a mixture of light and dark green, with light orange hairs scattered throughout with a good amount of frost. The aroma is very gassy and earthy with a herbal undertone. You get a pronounced earthy flavor while smoking this strain not much else though. The high is a […]

Pink Unicorn – The Leaf Express

These nugs have a beautiful look to them, they have these deep purple leaves mixed in with some light green ones as well. To go along with that the surface is covered in trichomes. Taking a whiff from the bag i get aromas of pine and some earthiness along with a hint of citrus. The […]

Jet Fuel – Herb Heaven

These dense nugs are a vibrant green and covered in sparkling trichomes, with orange hairs scattered throughout. The aromas that i get are gas with some sweetness along with a herbal smell to it as well. Taste wise you get just a bit of that sweetness coming through but mostly a gas taste coming through. […]

Hawaiian Punch – QuarterQuads

These dense nugs could use a better trim as there is extra leaves.The colour is a dark green with really light orange hairs. Trichomes are dark on the bud but their are a good amount of them. Aromas coming off this strain are lovley i get a tropical sweet smell with a pungent gas smell […]

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