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Punch Breath Cart by Enigma Extracts

The 🤜 Punch Breath cart by Enigma Extracts is my favorite of the new strains. I recently got stuck in a room for quite some time with only this one cart as a companion. In case you didn’t know, I tend to switch my carts up on a regular basis, so this was quite the […]

Green Crack HTFSE Cart by Naturally Farmed Cannabis

Impeccable taste and supreme quality are the thoughts that come to mind when vaping this cartridge. This organic HTFSE cart by Naturally Farmed Cannabis is easily the best Green Crack cart I have ever consumed. The inhale is mildly sweet and is initially hard to pinpoint, but the exhale certainly brings out flavors of exotic […]

Orange Sophie’s Breath by Cumulus Carts

The Orange Sophie’s Breath 100% HCFSE cart by new brand Cumulus Carts is a refreshing addition to my collection. The taste consists of tangy orange citrus terpenes on the inhale mixed with a sweet vanilla-like dankness on the exhale.  It is very smooth (no coughing induced whatsoever) with a slightly spicy aftertaste. The Effects?  Good […]

9lb Hammer Cart by Sauce House

I am super excited to review this new favorite of mine, the almighty 9lb Hammer 100% Live Sauce Cartridge by Sauce House. This strain is high in Myrcene and Pinene, which happen to be two of my favorite terpenes. The taste is very pleasing and enjoyable, consisting of sweet fruit (like ripe grapes) mixed with […]

Jamaican Pineapple Skunk Cart by Ganja Wise

The Jamaican Pineapple Skunk 100% HTFS Vape Pen Cartridge by Ganja Wise provides a unique taste profile that I have not experienced before. The inhale is smooth and mildly sweet (very very slight hint of bubble gum), but also sour. Upon exhaling a pungent cheese flavor manifests with hints of ripe pineapple fruit. Once in […]

Romulan Cart by Sauce House

The Romulan (1) 100% live sauce cartridge by Sauce House has everything I look for in a strain and cart; consequently, it deserves a lengthy review & discussion! Let’s start with the inhale which consists of a smooth fruity sweetness that transforms into a fresh pine earthy flavor on the exhale. What fruits exactly? A […]

The Mimosa live resin cart by Elite Elevation

The Mimosa live resin cart by Elite Elevation has no sweetness, citrus or berry taste as I was expecting. It makes me sneeze and has a burnt sulfur taste on the exhale (similar to their Jack Herer cart, but not quite as strong). There is an unpleasant spiciness in the aftertaste which I did not […]

Hell’s Angels OG Cart by Sauce House

The Hell’s Angels OG Cart by Sauce House is made of 100% live saucy goodness. I ordered a few of these carts as I read the strain is a strong Indica, and I am happy to report I was not disappointed! The taste consists of semi-sweet berries, mild citrus, and a touch of spice on […]

Purple Nepal Cart by Distillate Direct

The Honey Oil 50% Distillate cartridge by Distillate Direct tastes like nuts on the inhale, with a slight twist of grape on the exhale. There is a moderate level of spiciness which persists primarily in the aftertaste which can leave you with a bit of a dry mouth. The potency is moderate as well with […]

Fire OG cart by Distillate Direct

The Honey Oil 50% Distillate Fire OG cart by Distillate Direct tastes like mildly sweet honey on the inhale, with a soft sour & floral spice on the exhale. It is very smooth with a mild spiciness that made me sneeze only if exhaled through the nose. The potency is mild and feels like an […]

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