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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies by Hornets Buds

The Platinum Girl Scout Cookies by Hornets Buds arrived smothered in white crystal trichomes covering the light green buds. The smell of ripe sweet berries filled the air upon opening the bag, and grinding it up smelled so good you could eat it. This flower was quite dense, but easily grinded up to roll an […]

Stardog Cartridge by Sauce House

Here we have a little puppy Stardog 100% live resin cartridge by Sauce House.  Woof!  It is stunning… beautiful consistency. Sweet floral terpenes on the inhale with a sweet musky earthiness & slight touch of gas ⛽ on the exhale. The tastes really do come through in the Verified hardware, and the performance is rockin’. […]

Zombie Kush by Green Hornet Buds (Enigma Extracts)

Zombie Kush is my #1 favorite Enigma cart, so when I saw it in flower form I had to grab it to compare. I present to you my Holiday joint! When I open the zip, a strong aroma of ripe fruity cannabis fills the air. I want to stick my head in the bag. I […]

Northern Lights cartridge by Cumulus Carts

The Northern Lights HCFSE cartridge by Cumulus Carts is a gorgeous golden yellow that sparkles in the sunlight. I was able to try this product in two types of carts, and the fully ceramic was my favorite as it truly brought out the flavors. This cartridge tastes like the classic Northern Lights strain, semi-sweet & […]

Sherb Breath by Enigma Extracts (Green Hornet)

The Sherb Breath flower by Enigma Extracts and sourced by Green Hornet Buds is the first flower I tried by one of my all-time favorite cart producers. The flowers are soft and sticky to touch and full of multiple shades of green with orange hairs and tints of purples peaking through the buds. Upon opening […]

Walter White cart by Naturally Farmed Cannabis

I present to you the precious Walter White HTFSE ceramic cartridge. This cart is right up there with my most favorite of all time. Let’s start with the taste, a very hard to find pure sweet pine, except you will want this Christmas Tree around all year long as it is PACKED with terps. It’s […]

Green Crack God by Green Hornet Buds

The Green Crack God by Green Hornet Buds reeks of delicious pine weeds from the gods. This is one of my favorite strains in a cart so I am delighted to try it in flower form and I was not disappointed. The flower was dense with various hues of greens and purples and very easy […]

Pineapple Chunk by Green Hornet Buds

The Pineapple Chunk flower by Green Hornet Buds delivered an adventurous Sativa experience from start to finish. Upon opening the zip intense smells of fruity exotic pineapple filled the air. The flowers were hard and dense with just the right amount of moisture, very nice bag appeal. Almost immediately after the first couple of puffs, […]

Cali Grape by Green Hornet Buds

The Cali Grape flower by Green Hornet Buds provides flavors of sweet pine and grapes and is an incredibly smooth smoke in a joint. The buds are soft and dense with a beautiful fluffy moss-like texture. My order arrived vacuum-sealed in a well-packaged discrete box. Upon opening the zip the most delicious smell of sweet […]

Punch Breath Cart by Enigma Extracts

The 🤜 Punch Breath cart by Enigma Extracts is my favorite of the new strains. I recently got stuck in a room for quite some time with only this one cart as a companion. In case you didn’t know, I tend to switch my carts up on a regular basis, so this was quite the […]

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