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Rainbow Driver – Sacred Gardens

Completely stuck together in the bag, the instant I unpacked these sticky buds I knew that I was in for some true craft. First off, the smell – just wow – it is very apparent that this is a new batch done proper as I was met was a pungent fruity aroma with floral undertones. […]

Platinum Kush Breath (Platinum x OGKB) – Gifted Gardens

(No value rating as this was a giveaway winning) The last strain of the giveaway pack and it checks all the boxes for high grade kush. The stunning palette of colours, blanket of trichomes, and perfect cure altogether make this some beautiful craft. They really seem to have the curing process down as all three […]

Sunset Octane (Sunset Sherbet x High Octane) – Gifted Gardens

(No value rating as this was a giveaway winning) Unsure what to expect, I was surprised with a strong earthy aroma with this potent sativa dominant. These buds were real sticky to handle and without a doubt cured with care – as indicated by the pure white ash with only a light tingle upon inhale. […]

Pure Michigan Oreoz 1.0 x Mendobreath F2 – Gifted Gardens

(not rating value since this was a giveaway winning) First of all, just wow. This might be some of the frostiest buds I’ve yet to handle. The aroma is remarkably pungent with sourness and grape undertones, and was very sticky to break up. Once ground up, I picked up a piney scent that was more […]

Love Potion – The Canna Society

Although this one came pretty dry it was otherwise just as I’d expect from the AAA+ rating. Undoubtedly, this checks all the boxes for love potion, glistening with trichomes amidst an array of light greens and orange pistils; which despite the dryness, still gave off a remarkably fragrant sweet herbal aroma. The burn is where […]

Black Mamba – The Canna Society

Dry to touch, this was correspondingly muted in taste despite its strong earthy scent. It was a strange smoking experience with pure white ash, nothing to taste, some harshness, and moderate potency for hybrid effects. As a consolation the high was quite relaxing, though I’d be hard pressed to reach for this one over my […]

Critical Mass – The Canna Society

This one was frankly a let down; despite being sticky, coated in trichomes, at proper humidity, and having an alluring sweet creamy profile – the burn was mostly black, and accordingly harsh. The harshness was bearable albeit uncomfortable and tasted of mellow creamy kush. Thankfully, this had some kick to it, hitting with potent all-encompassing […]

Purple Candy – The Canna Society

This one was also somewhat dry but retained its rich hashy scent upon smoke. The ash was grey and I experienced some but negligible harshness (it helps that I’m partial to this profile). Leafier than I’d expect for AAA+, I feel that a AAA rating is more appropriate. That said, the trichome coverage is not […]

Strawberry and Cream 200mg Chocolate bar – Kush Station

Solid dosing with a light aftertaste, but overall really tasty – consistent with how I remembered the last time I had these. The intensely sweet strawberry with heavy cream in combination really covers up the taste well, and the smooth consistency creates a gooey  melt feel as you chew. The bar is split into 3 […]

Pineapple Sorbet – Kush Station

What stands out most about this is the incredibly fragrant sweet citrus smell; even for a sample bud this gave off quite a scent. Density and stickiness are there as well, good thing I had a two-piece grinder to break up these nugs. I had enough for one sizable joint that gave off a unique […]

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