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Mendocino Purps – BCMediChronic

Super couchlock. Incredible evening smoke. Gorgeous dense fox-tail buds, coated in trichomes and bursting with vibrant bright orange hairs. Extremely powerful indica, there were multiple nights this beauty put me to sleep before I could finish typing up this review. The nose is like, sweet and nutty; I’m not sure I’ve ever come across that […]

Purple Punch FSE Sauce – HVE

Incredible couchlock relaxation, definitely a strain for evening/night. This is a heavy indica. Smells like fresh grapes/berries and has that distinct purple punch flavor I’d recognize anywhere. The consistency is beautiful. Like a bunch of tiny crystals in a sea of amber sauce.

Strawberry Cough x Nuken Live Resin – HVE

Beautiful yellow/orange color. Smell and flavor both come out as sour, fruity, sweet and fresh. Amazing hybrid that doesn’t leave you falling asleep and is perfect for daytime use. Texture is like a soft butter, and the terpenes are insane. So much flavor in this little jar. Effects are relaxing, but also uplifting.

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