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White Girl Kush – BC Medi Chronic

White Girl Kush is a cross between Berry White and Girl Scout Cookies. Very tight dense buds with decent frosting, many of which are smaller, though this is true to the strain.  With this said I did deduct a point from bag appeal for the size and trim overall, the larger buds had a tight […]

Wedding Cake Shatter – Nature’s Fire

Nice clear yellow/orange colour, quite transparent. Very stable at room temp, breaks up easily and clean, will shatter in the more thinner areas. Slight sweet scent but not too strong as is. Once it starts to melt you get an extremely sweet citrus aroma which translates well to its taste. Very sweet citrus flavour with […]

God Bud Shatter – Nature’s Fire

Nice golden orange/yellow colour, still quite transparent on the thinner pieces. Very stable at room temp, thicker parts break off nice and easy, thinner it gets more prone to shattering.  As soon as I opened the pack I could tell right away it was God Bud from the aroma. Extremely strong smell from this shatter. […]

Scouts Honor Sugar Wax (BHO) – Nature’s Fire

Dark brown/orangey crumbly, but sticky, sugar wax. Very easy to work with, would break apart but also stick together/to your tool well enough to scoop up with ease. The wax does not have to much of an aroma out of the jar but has a slight sweet doughy scent. Taste is similar, sweet creamy dough, […]

Pink GG Smalls – BC Medi Chronic

Pink GG is a pretty self explanatory cross of Pink and Gorilla Glue. I am very impressed that through the smell and taste you can really tell it’s lineage. The aroma blasts gassy pink smell but for sure has that GG funk kick to it too. Super caked and sticky small buds, there were a […]

Blueberry Diesel – BC Medi Chronic

Great looking buds with some nice colour all over and covered in crystals, even some are bit sticky. Super pungent blueberry fuel smell blasts out the jar when opened. Burns decent with grey ash and has quite a peppery fruity taste. Definite indica dominant effects for the high, hits you fast right in the face […]

Trainwreck – BC Medi Chronic

Nice frosty buds covered in orange pistils, that said, some of the nugs were still fairly leafy. Points were deducted from bag appeal for this, would probably rate it a 4 if the trim was nicer. Can not complain at all for the price though… Strong fruity/pine aroma from the jar, gets even sweeter when […]

Black Diamond – BC Medi Chronic

Big beautiful chunky nugs, great deep purple colours throughout, super frosty buds. Amazing bag appeal on this black diamond! As soon as you open the jar very strong grape/berry aroma blasts out, super strong scent very nice indeed. Very fast onset indica high, hits you right in the face, pretty potent for sure. Nice smooth […]

Wedding Cake HTFSE – BC Medi Chronic

Amazing looking bright yellow sauce filled with small diamonds throughout. Not too strong of an aroma in the jar slightly peppery, cake like smell, quite unique. Quite a similar taste, herbal and cakey with an extremely smooth inhale. Hits good after a decent dab with a nice productive high.

Cookie Frost Elite Cart – BC Medi Chronic

Nice golden yellow colour with no sugaring at all. Smooth draws with a definite sweet cookie taste to it , nice and tasty. Hits pretty well, nice and potent, feeling it for sure after a few pulls.

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