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Pine Tar Kush – Cumulus Carts

Pine tar Kush – Cumulus Cartridge (Grease Godz) : Man this Cumulus cartridge is something else. This FSE Pine tar Kush cart from Cumulus is a very heavy Indica. From the visuals of this cartridge it’s a dark amber colour. As for the consistency it was rather thick and not too runny, which I liked […]

Beef Flavored Ramen – (Chef) Golden Unicorn

When you open up the packaging you get the noodles and the seasoning containing 600mg of FSE to make sure it does the job. I mixed maybe about 3 cups of water with the noodles, waited a couple of minutes to make sure it was soft and added the seasoning. From the get go you […]

BubbleGum Panties – Cumulus Carts

BubbleGum Panties: where to begin, the moment when I saw bubblegum panties on the next rotations of carts I got hyped. Recently I’ve gotten pink panties from Cumulus carts and it was amazing. The taste was a subtle earthy kind off  smoke. It had a super light amber look to it very nice and thick […]

Cement Shoes #5 – Cumulus Carts

Cement Shoes #5 :  Cement Shoes #5 (Grease Godz) from Cumulus Carts. From the first looks of this cartridge is that you’ll notice that it’s very dark. I thought to myself this is going to be one of those carts that will make me cough a lot. Shockingly it’s really smooth when inhaling, I am […]

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