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Lemon Meringue – Westcoast Releaf

These nugs were a bright vibrant green with quite a few dark orange pistils, covered in trichomes. The buds were well trimmed very few if any leaves even on the small nugs there was a lot of time taken to manicure each nug. I found the nugs to be quite dense and a little dry(had […]

Cindy White Live Resin – WestCoast Releaf

This live resin was very white in appearance with off tones of yellow and gold. Found it fairly easy to work with came in four large chunks that would break very easily. Sounded like mini rocks when moving around in the container which was unlike any live resin ive had before. Smell is a strong […]

Herbivores Edibles Candy – West Coast Releaf

There was 6 gummies in this package each containing 25mg of THC for a total of 150mg. Gummies were made from distillate, the package did not specify it was delta 8 or delta 9 distillate. Gummies looked like any that you would pick up from a convince store, with only one arriving slightly damaged. Each […]

Black Diamond Shatter – West Coast Releaf

This shatter was a very light golden yellow in color with not too much smell coming off of it. When handled it would snap and with a little warmth would become very malleable with a pull/snap texture. The flavour was very sulfur like, woody with off tones of earthy and a bit of floral taste, […]

Cherry Pie Budder – WestCoastReleaf

Cherry pie budder was a very great concentrate which i found lived up to many of its strain specific traits such as one of the best aspects is the flavors and smells are very strong especially when dabbed at lower temps. The flavors you get are a blast of herbal and floral with a brief […]

Mimosa HCFSE – TheDopeDispensary

This phenotype of mimosa is quite unique and one ive not had elsewhere in terms of the flavours. You have a blend of a herbs, spices and a nuttiness that is quite similar to nutmeg with a sweet berry finish. The flavors will catch you off guard if you are looking for that citrus fruity […]

Zombie Kush – TheDopeDispensary

Zombie Kush is a hybrid blend of amnesia, bubba kush and lavander kush. In the OZ i received about half what a lot of people would consider hand manicure premium tops where the other half of the bag was small, popcorn larfy buds. Most of the buds had hues of dark purple with green undertones, […]

Sour Tangie Shatter – Kootenay Labs

Sour tangie a strain in which i usually love due to its strong well defined citrus flavors. Sadly this shatter was lacking that, the pheno used in this run was very piney with a strong sour gas undertones and a tiny¬† hint of berries but it was mostly masked by the piney flavors. The shatter […]

Mimosa Shatter – Thedopedispensary

This shatter was very stable, with a beautiful amber tone and quite clear. I didn’t find it hard to work with at all, easily snapped into dab size pieces. The melt is very clean not leaving much residue on the banger, extremely smooth with the flavour translating perfectly regardless the size dab you have. The […]

Ice Cream Cake (Poncho Farms) – Pink Llama

Ice Cream Cake grown by Poncho farms, sourced by Pink Llama You can tell there was a lot of effort and love put into these buds. Each bud regardless of the size was hand manicured while making sure all the heads remained intact. The buds were very dense and sticky, with bright lime green and […]

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