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Bruce Banner(Captains Pink)- Golden Unicorn

Bag Appeal: Caked. Dense buds. Medium and small sized buds. Smell: earthy and vibrant gassy. Potency:  in between medium and strong. Not much of a crash, that’s a plus for me! Effects are moderate. Burn: you get a hit of gas on the inhale and on the exhale A mild earthy taste with a light […]

Platinum Kush Breath (Captains Pink)- Golden Unicorn

Bag Appeal: caked. dense buds. Nice colors on this one. Potency: it’s not as strong as the other pinks. It still hits. Effects doesn’t last long. Smell:  The smell was a bit muted, you can still get a mild earthy smell. Burn: light grey ash. Burns smooth hits nice. A bit of a piney floral […]

Tom Ford Pink Kush (Captains Pink)- Golden Unicorn

Bag Appeal: caked, dense buds.  The trim could be a bit better. Decent sized buds. Potency: it’s strong. Nice hit. Taste of gas. Mild crash. Smell: Smells of gas and floral. The nose on this one was not as vibrant as the others. Burn: smooth. Light grey ash.  

Mimosa(Captains Pink)- Golden Unicorn

Bag appeal: buds are a bit smaller, but he stated this prior to purchase. Caked buds. Dense. Potency: Not as strong as the pinks. Hits nice. Smooth mellow high. No heavy crash. Taste on this is very nice and unique. Smell: smells of heavy citrus very light hint of pine. That pine almost smell alittle […]

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