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Doughboy Pink 2.0 – Pink Llama (Sacred Gardens/Gary)

Sharp resinous buds with green and purple leaves. Neatly manicured with long orange pistils covered in a blanket of sticky trichomes. The nose is sweet, floral gas terpenes. This translates into a smooth smoke with sweet, sharp pink terps and a nice gas exhale. A good cure that produced white ashes through out. The high […]

Grand daddy purple kush live resin – Elite Elevation

This G.D.P.K live resin is dark brown and a thick honey like texture. Upon taking a hit it’s sweet, musky flavors hit the palate. Smooth at first then it quickly smacks you like a dab, quite sharp on the throat on exhale. A couple hits is all you need and this heavy indica-dom delivers. The […]

Lindsay OG Hydro – Pink Llama (Liberty Farms)

The famous Lindsay OG grown by Liberty Farms. A beautiful looking flower with a plethora of vibrant colors; green, purple, orange and yellow hues. Dense and frosted flower with good pistil development. These buds release a sweet gassy, pungent aroma of skunk and pine. Your palate is hit with strong kush, and gassy terpenes kick […]

11 Week Pink Tuna – Pink Llama (Sacred Gardens)

By crossing 2 of the most popular strains (pink kush x tuna kush) were gifted with pink tuna. Sticky foxtailed bud that was neatly trimmed. Light green leaves, amber pistils and good trichome coverage. Your nose is hit with a pungent pine, tuna and gas aroma that fills the room. Nice cure with well balanced […]

Pink Goo – Gasleak

Big, dense bud that was sticky to the touch. Dark green foliage, nice orange pistils covered in thricomes. Your hit with sweet, earthy, floral tones that translate into a musky pepper exhale. It was a little harsh on the throat, salt pepper ash. Nice sedating high that takes over the body and relaxes the senses, […]

Lindsay OG – Gasleak

Large cactus shaped flower, consisting of sticky firm buds with healthy pistil and trichome coverage. Colorful foliage consisting of green, purple, and orange hues. Medium nose of sweet gas, skunk, and pine tones. The flavor was sweet, earthy, gas terpenes, with a potent exhale. The burn was was salt pepper. A sedating high thats perfect […]

Wizard Punch – Weedposters

What an oddly beautiful looking flower. This strain is a hybrid cross between purple punch x blissful wizard, and is known to contain thc as high as 32%. Green, purple and violet leaves, long orange pistils and an insane amout of trichomes. The buds arrived mostly small in size. The nose is creamy cookiedough with […]

Gorilla Breath – Kush Station

The gorilla breath has a light nose of chocolate, skunk and diesel tones. Sharp shaped nugs that were dense & crystalized with long orange hairs. The smoke was a little on the dry side, with a pepper exhale. Great indica dominant strain, the high starting in the mind but quickly making its way to your […]

Mandarin Cookies – Kush Station

I decided to start my day off with some mandarin cookies. Light green and fluffy bud with a medium nose of citrus oranges. Really smooth smoke, and the orange terps really do come through. Excellent during the day, a nice productive smoke to get the daily tasks done.

Crunch Berry – Kush Station

This bud was bright green, medium density and covered in trichomes. Your nose is greeted with pungent berry, citrus, and floral tones. It was grown in living soil with no pesticides. The smoke was smooth with berry terpenes, earthiness and a pine exhale, the ahes where light gray. It is a hybrid high leaning towards […]

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