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Blue Fire FSE – Sauce House

Blue Fire is a fun strain. Genetics that this plant come from are Blue Dream and Fire OG – meaning flavour for days. Upon cracking open this jar, I am greeted with a pleasant, sweet berry nose. Another slight aroma of fuel is underneath, tickling the nose if you move this sauce around. Texture of […]

Lemon Haze FSE – Sauce House

Lemon Haze is a strain you all probably know about. It’s a very popular, arguably classic, strain. Opening this jar blasted me with the smell of juicy lemons -not anything more. Loading this sauce up onto my dab tool was easy, having the thick, applesauce-like consistency of most full-spectrum extracts. Dabbing this was pretty much […]

Durban Lemon Poison FSE – Sauce House

Durban Lemon Poison(Or, DLP for short) is probably one of, if not my favourite strains that I have gotten from Sauce House. Upon opening the jar, an intense, tart lemon aroma jumps out at you. Stirring the sauce around and smelling gives me a slight herbal aroma as well, but nothing specific. Texture of this […]

Romulan FSE – Sauce House

Romulan is a bit notorious – it sharing its name with the Star Trek race. Don’t worry; when you smoke this it won’t leave you looking like one!   This FSE is easy to work with, having a texture similar to a sticky, gritty applesauce. Definitely not tough to gather onto a dab tool, and […]

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