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Peanut Butter Breath – BCMediChronic

One of my favourite strains. It has an extremely unique smell. I hate to say it but I find it to be… nutty. In a great way. The flower is very fresh and full of fragrance. A woody, pine-like scent with a nutty/chocolaty undertone. Honestly, this is probably my favourite woody smelling strain. The strain […]

Gorilla Glue 4 – TheHighKeys

Gorilla glue 4. A renowned strain and one of the first strains I tried when I graduated from street bud. I’ve had it various times and from various places. It’s a strain that rarely disappoints. Highkey’s GG4 has a very powerful peppery tone to it. Alongside the pepper is some mild earthen tones to round […]

Purple God – Low Price Bud

I’m a big fan of purple strains since I always find them to be colorful and generally pretty for pictures. This Purple God is no different. A cross between God, Hawaiian, and Purple Skunk. It’s slightly on the dry side but it’s quite negligible. The strain is very dense and features a very dark purple […]

Grandpa’s Breath – Prince’s Private Reserve

This strain has a sweet kushy smell and a bit of a sour undertone. The sour profile is really similar to the one I get from red congo strains. Beautiful looking buds. Not as colourful as the Banana OG but I personally think the structure here is nicer to photograph. The strain also boasts some […]

Banana OG – Prince’s Private Reserve

Hands down some of the prettiest flower I’ve had the opportunity to shoot. This is my first time with a banana strain. Right off the bat, I immediately noticed the banana smell. I always have a hard time enjoying banana flavors since I’m not a huge fan of the taste of bananas. That said, this […]

Purple Drank Breath – Distillate Direct

The strain is absolutely coated with trichomes. It smells very heavily of grapes. It has that warm red wine smell. I’m not a fan of wine but I am a fan of this Purple Drank Breath. A very tasty smoke. Grape on the inhale and exhale. A little harsher than I expected it to be […]

White Cookies – Phatnug

An interesting sweet and musty smell. Definitely a little on the older side as you can tell from the colors and oxidization. Nugs don’t look bad however. They have a good coating of trichomes throughout. The taste of the strain was on the muted sweet side. You could tell that it was there but a […]

Gorilla Glue – Phatnug

The nugs have a mild spicy, musty smell to them. It also has a weird sweetness to it. Nugs look a little on the older side. Similar to their White Cookies, the smoke was smooth with a good burn. Also found the strain to taste very muted with some pepper. I found this to be […]

Pink Gorilla – The Green Ace

This Pink Gorilla is literally a ball of fire. It has such a unique and pungent smell. When you first open the bag, sweet and fruity tones hit you. Very reminiscent of Slurricane or Sour Tangie. After getting used to the smell, I noticed that it had a sour gassy undertone as well. A very […]

Dutch Treat – The Green Ace

A pleasant but very odd scent. It resembles flowers. Not really sweet flowers but more like the kind that hand creams have. A very unique scent profile but not one that I personally enjoy. It reminds me too much of old lady perfumes lol. Fortunately (or unfortunately for me), the taste is very strong. The […]

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