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White Russian – Tegridy Farms Cannabis

Visually appealing buds, light and colourful. Light, peachy-orange pistils, light purples throughout. Evenly frosted all throughout bud. No shortage of trichomes here. Small, pre-mature seed found. Smells sharp, sweet and sour citrus with earthy undertones, when broken up, more creaminess came through. Tasted mostly earthy when smoked. Fast acting, balanced hybrid feels more heady, effects […]

Pink Crack — Tegrity Farms Cannabis

Upon opening the bag, immediate earthy-yet-sweet like baked goods smell, but once you get the sniffer going a little more, you’ll find a musky, sharp kushy smell to follow. A little leafy, but fairly caked. Pretty colourful, buds look kind of dark but you can really see the colour once its broken up. Smoked pretty […]

Cookie Dough — Tegrity Farms Cannabis

Upon opening the bag, you are greeted with pleasant aromas of a slightly sweet, mainly musky smell with a sort of brown sugar to follow.  A pretty complex set of smells, kind of hard to really nail down what you are smelling, its a lot to take in. Buds are dense, and covered with shiny, […]

Girl Scout Cookies — High Garden

Nice packaging, informative label with detailed strain information specific to the strain inside. Smell was fairly muted out of the bag, but when squeezed and broken up, notes of a familiar earthy, sweet and creamy smell came through followed by a slight musky kush smell. Not overpowering, not strong enough to fill a room or […]

Lebanese Hash — High Garden

Came packed in a nice little square, approximately 1cm in size. Dark brown, with some lighter brown colours throughout. Dense and kind of hard until smaller pieces are broken off, then it gets softer and easier to work with. The smell isn’t overwhelming, but is definitely earthy with some slight citrus notes to follow. It […]

Wild Strawberry Pacific CBD Gummies —

Awesome clean packaging, the candies look like any Strawberry candies you would get at a store. They are very chewy, slightly sour and very flavourful. Nothing about these were ‘sticky’ on the outside, or any of the weird things that might happen with THC edibles, they seem to hold up very well. There would be […]

Ripped Edibles Cola Bears —

Nice small packaging, clean and modern looking. The cola bears look great too, they are small brown gummy bears, if you have had edible gummy bears in the past, I’m sure you’ve had some this exact shape and size. They taste like the cola bottle candies, along with a big ‘medicine-y’ aftertaste. There are definitely […]

Tom Ford Pink Kush —

Large, dense and chunky 6.5g bud, was shocked when I cracked it open and saw the size of this thing. Came packed in a tuna can, pretty dry. Seems to be a common thing with the cans. Smells like a pink, gassy and had the potential to fill a room if it was stored properly. […]

MAC1 — WTFCannabis

Wow. Frosty is an understatement. These buds are absolutely CAKED with trichomes. MAC1 is more white and purple, than it is green. This is some certified top shelf cannabis. Sweet, dank and cakey, like baked goods. Smells like a pie or something. Super flavourful, smokes great. White ash, greasy, hits HARD. Smoked this stuff mainly […]

Guava Cake budder — WTFCannabis

Nice amber colour, easy to work with. A sticky play-dough consistency. Smells slightly sweet and tastes kind of earthy but in a tropical beach kind of way. Dabs clean, pretty smooth, very little coughing hit at the proper temperature. Pretty potent, hit pretty hard off one dab. I was expecting a mild daytime high. It […]

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