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Crazy Glue –BC Medi Chronic

Spicy, herbal, with a slight scent that reminded me of tea. Bud was kind of dry, but this is partially my fault I didn’t get to it in time, so keep that in mind in regards to smell and taste, I’m sure a fresh batch will be a little better. Sweet and slightly fruity smell […]

Bubba Erkle – Tegrity Farms Cannabis

Nice medium sized bud, dark orange hairs to match the dense forest green nug. Defintely has that familiar kushy piney smell with slightly sweet grape notes to follow. Not much sugar leaf at all, well groomed. Perfect christmas tree shaped buds, typical kush. Definitely indica leaning for sure, heavier than I was expecting, hit a […]

Blue Cap Crush – BC MediChronic

Got this as a part of BCMedi’s $20 sampler pack, along with a few other strains and this one stood out. Tight little bud, nicely coated with trichs, beautiful orange pistils that contrast well with the light green bud. Sweet berry smell, with a slightly limey citrus to follow. This translated to a spicy smoke […]

Blackberry Breath AAAA — Primo

Well, I was lucky enough to score a taste of this beautiful Blackberry Breath from Primo! At first glance, WOW! Talk about caked! Nice tight little bud, gorgeous hues of vibrant greens with a beautiful contrast of dark purple undertones all while absolutely frosted with an abundance of trichomes. Great bag appeal on this one […]

Tyson OG — Primo

Go three rounds with Tyson OG. I dare you. Immediately noticed the powerful nose as soon as the jar was opened. Faint pine with a hint of lemon along side an unavoidable burst of gas. Nice and dense buds, a little dry but that’s just me being picky, didn’t really effect the burn at all. […]

Snow White — Primo

Absolutely BEAUTY looking frosty light green buds with gorgeous vibrant orange pistils. Good cure, buds are nice thick and spongy like they should be, fairly dense. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much smell or taste off this one. After opening the jar, I was slightly disappointed due to the lack of funk, the best way I […]

Banana Daddy — Primo

Sticky buds, very muted nose on this one. Slight ‘banana-peel’ smell to it, with a bit of earthy tones, had to really try to get a smell off of it. It definitely had something that was reminiscent of bananas.  Buds were not dry in the least, nice cure, busted up sticky and thick, didn’t quite […]

60mg Gummy Dummies — Primo

Sour gummies, super colourful and very flavourful, taste like a nice glass of delicious fruit juice.  The right amount of sour but kind of ‘crunchy’ from the sugar coating being a little heavy on the outside of the candies, nothing that cant be fixed by knocking a little sugar off before you eat it. They […]

Purple Nuken — Primo

First glance at this nug, its DENSE. I mean DENSE, breaking it apart I had to actually put a little force into breaking some chunks off. The second I started to break the buds apart I noticed how sticky they were, incredible. I had to run them through my grinder twice to get something to […]

White Death — BCMediChronic

Fair sized buds, nice and dense, a little leafy, especially on the bigger buds. Smooth smoke on this one, clean burn with a tiny bit of gas left over on exhale. A nice familiar ‘kushy’ smell with some sweet earth or some kind of floral vanilla to follow. Reminds me of some ‘Wedding Cake’ I’ve […]

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