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Cookies n Creme GSC – Bosstalgia

Every so often I come across something unique in my search for the next thing to get me high, and this was one that made my mouth water. Everything from the look of it, the name, the description, were just screaming tasteville to me, and it was right. Its name refers to the fact that […]

Dank Schrader – Tegridy Farms Cannabis

Dank Schrader is such a great name for a strain, Breaking Bad is an all-time best show and thanks to this nug I was able to get my fiance to watch it for the first time, and she’s really enjoying it! Not much to say, the nug itself was nothing as special, its smell and […]

Gobbilygoo – Tegridy Farms Cannabis

One thing I absolutely love about cannabis is how beautiful it can look sometimes, and this bud was no exception, it was such a gorgeous nug it was hard to want to break it apart and smoke it at all, but sacrifices must be made, blood for the blood god! 🙁 The nug is a […]

Sour Amnesia – WTFCannabis

This strain was a real treat both visual and olfactory systems, it is bright green and yellow, tons of orange pistils and coated in a nice layer of crystals. Opening the bag and your room is met with INTENSE sweet and slightly sour aromas, like almost ripe mangos but candied, the nose on it is […]

Golden Goat Hash – West Coast Releaf

My first hash since my trip to France two years back where it was the only source of any THC I could find after over month “tolerance” break forced by my extended stay in Africa. As such Hash has a special place in my fiendish heart and will always, (for seriously amazing hash check out […]

Holy Grail Live Resin – WTFCannabis

Holy Grail has, since time, been a favourite strain of mine, the flowers are always so caked in trichomes it makes it hard not to try and eat the buds. I have never had the honour of it as a concentrate though, so when I got the Live Resin I was excited to take it […]

Purple Kush Live Resin – WTFCannabis

This Resin was quite the treat! A nice bright goldenrod yellow, moist with terps and begging to be dabbed. I really enjoyed hitting this, it had such a pronounced grape taste but not that nasty minute maid grape, like real grapes, and the follow up feel on the throat was smooth as can be. The […]

Moby Dick Live Resin – West Coast Releaf

Another day another Sativa! This time we got some Moby Dick live resin to try out. First glance it’s pretty pale and grainy, reminds me of a sugar more than syrup. The smell is light, fresh and sweet, nothing too apparent right now, but once dabbed it has a very pronounced lemony and vanilla extractish […]

Platinum Bubba Budder – West Coast Releaf

Hey folks, I got this wonderfully light tasting budder in from West Coast Releaf, my first order from them so I was definitely excited! First impressions were good! For the price, I am usually weary but this comes well packaged and labelling is on point, both good signs of care on the sellers front. Visually […]

Black Cherry Soda FSE – Cumulus Carts

My first set of carts from Cumulus Carts and I am absolutely blown away, and specifically, this strain has become hands down one of my favourite carts ever! Terp flavours on point, and the potency is definitely there. First pulls had a very pronounced Gummy Cola flavour that exhales gassy as you’d expect from a […]

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